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Ramon Roqueta & Hotels with DO

Once again, the guild of hotels – Gremi d’Hotels de Barcelona, INCAVI and the Catalan association of Do (denominations of origin) organized an event called “Hotels with DO”. This event received the support of Barcelona’s School of Hotel Management, Riedel and the Catalan Tourism Board. This event took place from September 16 to 22, a week before the 39th edition of the “Mostra de Vins i Cavas de Catalunya”, a popular event to sample wine and cava from Catalonia. “Hotels with DO 2019” divided its programme of activities among 22 emblematic hotels in Barcelona who chose their most intimate and inspirational settings to hold a variety of tasting sessions of wines with the Catalan DO – Catalan denomination of origin.

Ramon Roqueta Insignia was the wine we chose to represent us in two tasting sessions run by DO Catalunya at the Hotel Catalonia Eixample 1864.

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